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  1. Asanka (verified owner)

    I requested this consultation when the degree program I enrolled for got cancelled at the beginning of this year (2021) by my university. In a different consultation last year (2020), Yash warned me not to engage in studies, or even enroll, until end of Jan 2021 as anything related to education before that would result in failure and loss. Unfortunately I was not in a position to follow this advice. However, during this consultation Yash thoroughly analyzed all my charts and gave me plenty of time to explain and discuss my issues. He predicted that I would be offered an alternative, though I may not like it. I was quite skeptical of this as I was confident I was not qualified enough to be selected for the only other alternative the university could offer. But just as he predicted I was offered a place in that alternative program. As for the part that I don’t like, it seems I have to start this course online temporarily which is something that I thoroughly dislike. All in all I’m very happy with this consultation and the guidance I have received. I highly recommend it for those seeking guidance on educational matters. Looking forward to my next consultation!

    Education & Career ConsultationEducation & Career Consultation

  2. harsha srinivas (verified owner)

    Stunned by his Predictions.I consulted YashRaj for a Job Switch. He was patient and polite in answering all the questions. He rightly predicted the past events and on-going activities in my life and suggested remedies for a better change. Nevertheless to say, his predictions are not near to real but exactly accurate and on point. I got a good offer exactly on the dates he mentioned. As an astrology enthusiast, I heard using astrology one can predict events accurately and I only confirmed it after consulting Yash. God Bless You.

    Booked another consultation for a friend 🙂

    Education & Career ConsultationEducation & Career Consultation

  3. An Advocate

    He is truly a gem. I consulted him to know about my missing daughter. I was very worried because there were no news of her for about 2 days. So, I went for an astrological help. He told me that don’t worry about your daughter she is absolutely fine and well, the dasha etc. shows this is the time of her marriage, she would have got married. Further stated, that I will get her news by a particular date. I was little relaxed but being a father actually not. Later all his predictions came true. This shows the supremacy of our vedic sciences.

    Muhurta or Any Other ConsultationMuhurta or Any Other Consultation

  4. Shirish Deshpande

    One of the best astrologers I have ever come across so far. Yashraj ji does in depth analysis of your horoscope and in my case predictions of major events that happened in my life so far were 100% accurate. He listens to your problems patiently and provides solutions. He is definitely not a money minded person. If you are struggling in your life and looking for guidance, Yashraj ji would be your best bet. I will definitely recommend him to my friends and family members. God bless you Yashraj ji.

    Multiple Package/Full Horoscope AnalysisMultiple Package/Full Horoscope Analysis

  5. Lakshay (verified owner)

    I took a consultation from Yash recently and I must say the whole process has been very satisfying.

    He is very thorough and direct in approach. He will say what he sees and not what you want to hear.

    He spends a great deal of time to come up to his analysis and is happy to clarify on points if needed.

    Also, one more thing I must mention is he is a thorough professional. He was going through a grave personal tragedy at the time I ordered consultation but he made sure I was satisfied and had answers to my questions as soon as he recovered from it. I would highly recommend him for consultations.

    Multiple Package/Full Horoscope AnalysisMultiple Package/Full Horoscope Analysis

  6. abhilashanellutla16 (verified owner)

    In 2019 was preparing for government jobs and wasn’t sure whether it was aright choice. So I started consulting astrologers and found Yashraj sir in quora. All the other astrologers told I would definitely get a job except Yashraj sir. I was quite upset with him and thought will his prediction come true? But shockingly it came true. After that I have consulted him in various occasions and with his guidance I have written entrance for MBA and secured first(my preparation for jobs have helped me here). Unbelievable. If it was not for his guidance I would have never thought of studying again.
    Now only thing I say is he is genuine. There exists prediction and he is the one.

    Education & Career ConsultationEducation & Career Consultation

  7. Faye (verified owner)

    I can not begin to explain how accurate Yashraj has been in my case. I was having trouble conceiving, I contacted Yashraj last month and he told me that it was a good time to try. He told me suitable days etc. And thanks to Almighty I just found out I am pregnant.

    To be honest had he not told me that there were good chances last month we wouldn’t have even tried. We were planning to take a break from trying and see a doctor First.

    Yashraj is very helpful, accurate and answered all my questions to my satisfaction.

    Multiple Package/Full Horoscope AnalysisMultiple Package/Full Horoscope Analysis

  8. Vishwaraj (verified owner)

    Yashraj is young and knowledgable person. He listened and explained all the things & even predicted the things placed in my house just by the use of horoscope, gave vastu tips. He walked extra mile to answer all the questions which is rare in these days. Will be in touch with him and update all things as I progress with the time.

    Multiple Package/Full Horoscope AnalysisMultiple Package/Full Horoscope Analysis

  9. Prasad

    I am pretty much satisfied with the rectification . I had lots of confusion before regards to my lagna which now I feel is clarified.

    Birth Time RectificationBirth Time Rectification

  10. Mohan Malkani A (verified owner)

    I really appreciate Yashraj sir, he gives stunning predictions and especially about pending karma i.e. Why is the problem caused?, suggestions and remedy. I recommend for others too.


    Multiple Package/Full Horoscope AnalysisMultiple Package/Full Horoscope Analysis


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