Frequently Asked Questions

All readings are done by one and only Yashraj Sharma.
A Software Generated PDF Report(Only in Full Horoscope Readings & Dasha Readings) containing all your charts, dashas and other basic details. Apart from this a detailed analysis of your horoscope done by me including relevant remedies. In other consultation, I will only answer your questions and will tell situation of that selected aspect of life.
I never suggest general remedy, if birth is time quite accurate(only approx 5 mins difference). If not then I may suggest general one. But remedies can be of wearing gemstones, karmic (visiting temples or doing some karma), donations, color therapy, mantra and some times vastu based.
Vedic astrology, I use Parashri, Jaimini, Bhrigu and some Nadi techniques and principles. All these are important for sound predictions. I also use Numerology and Vastu things for remedial purpose only.
Earlier I was using traditional Lahiri/ chitra paksha. But aftersome research I found true Lahiri/ true chitra paksa is much better. There is subtle difference in both and true lahiri is little modified.
Yes. I extensively use divisional charts. If I found time of birth is not that accurate, then I use recasted divisional chart, i.e. basically superimposes divisional chart planetary position on D-1 or Rashi chart.
I use both Rashi and Nakshtara dasha, respectively Jaimini chara dasha, narayana etc. and Vimshottari, yogini and other conditional dashas. And also the emperor of all " The Kaal Chakra Dasha".
First of all you need not worry at all. Since I receive bookings in bulk in a short period of time & I do not compromise on spending adequate time in properly analyzing & studying each horoscope before jumping onto any conclusions & making any comments. So please kindly wait & have faith, I will get in contact with you when I am done with yours.
Visit this page – Contact & fill the form, I or my team will get back to you shortly.